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Lucent Dreams

DreamWorks Animation The look on that dragon's face suddenly became incredibly sinister. On the surface, this seems to be much more familiar ground for erotic fan mlp luna sex. Clark Kent is relaxing in his home one stormy evening when Jessica Rabbit unexpectedly drops by to tell him that frozen animated sex has just left her husband, Roger.

In the most childhood-ruining reveal since that time grandma's bathrobe fluttered open when she reached across the table for the marmalade, Jessica confides to Superman that Roger Rabbit literally has no penis.

Luckily, Jessica came seex xxx the right the land before time hentai for curing absentee-genitalia marital strife, and a few moments later Superman is plowing her out on the balcony in the rainmlp luna sex powerfully than an opportunistic locomotive.

Clark moved to take Jessica inside, she stopped him. We won't run," she said. Yeah, you read that right -- mlp luna sex this fan fiction, Superman and Jessica Rabbit are living cartoon-humans who have to worry about things like inclement weather smudging their colors and Christopher Lloyd dipping them into vats of turpentine.

M.S.A.: Fluttertime!

Apparently, Jessica Rabbit just isn't worth masturbating to unless she's blurring mlp luna sex line of forbidden Saturday morning cartoon attraction you crossed when Daphne came on screen in Scooby-Doo while your parents were out at the store. Hot sexy babes sex and Jessica enjoy pages of torrid lovemaking replete with dialogue that sounds less like the cries of unbridled passion and more like a schizophrenic bus driver's suicide note:.

Finally, mercifullywe get to the big finale, which does nothing more to console our harrowing discomfort:. It hit Jessica with the power of a thunderstorm. Fireworks burst from her slick slit and steam shot from her ears as she rode the wave of the most intense orgasm she'd ever felt.

The author isn't employing a clumsy simile here -- fireworks and steam are literally bursting out of Jessica's body as she achieves orgasm, because, as the story has gone to great lengths to constantly remind us, she is a cartoon character, and that's apparently what cartoon orgasms look like.

So Daffy Duck wasn't really angry all those times his skull whistled out clouds of steam like a tea kettle -- he was actually gluing his underpants to his stomach with wads of animated duck semen. Deathclock, which honestly isn't much of a stretch beyond what they do on the actual show. That's not the weird part. Deathclock, with the band's vocalist Nathan Explosion at the helm, docks at a nearby space station, where they meet the crew of the starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek.

And by "meet the crew," we mean " Captain James T. Kirk has powerful, submissive anal sex with Nathan Explosiona death metal cartoon character":.

Picture that dialogue getting mlp luna sex out of the waterlogged, stuttering face of Mlp luna sex Shatner. And that also is not the weird part.

This isn't a few paragraphs of jerk-off material -- this is a four-part, 25,word novella, and only 2, words of that are devoted to Nathan Explosion engaging James T. The other 23, words are spent fleshing out a massive episode of Metalocalypse. The author actually does a respectable job of imitating the show's style of absurdist humor, such as a scene wherein Toki, Dethklok's childlike rhythm guitarist with a tenuous grasp of the English language, orders a drink with a small umbrella:.

Seeing this, Celestia intervened and stopped her by placing a hand on the one that held his cock, earning a dissatisfied flare from the stallion's nostrils and a whimper of disapproval from the alicorn. Please, come with us. Celestia and Luna both started to drift mlp luna sex from Big Mac, who was now fully nude like them, taking his mlp luna sex and guiding him towards the large, luxurious bath, all the while they couldn't look away from his stallionhood.

It was nearly impossible for Luna or Celestia to pry their eyes away from his bobbing cock, it was simply too hard -and big- to ignore. When they reached the edge, they released him and both strode into the warm waters, both secretly looking at each other with a glance and mlp luna sex smirk before turning back to Big Mac.

They were glad mlp luna sex see that he followed them into the waters, though half disappointed that the current waist-high depth of the water hid what they mlp luna sex to see. They shiva games from sonic strutted over to him and gently placed their hands on his chest, guiding him over to the edge mlp luna sex instructing him to sit.

Those last words Luna said were just dripping with lust, even the hentai girls squirt Big Mac wasn't oblivious to it. Not knowing what to expect, he simply sat and observed as mlp luna sex two alicorn sisters backed off, stopping top 100 fetishes a few feet from where he was.

sex mlp luna

It was then that they decided to put their little plan into action, and both princesses then took a quick breath before diving into the warm water. They weren't underwater for more than two seconds before the resurfaced, and Big Mac felt his cock twitch at the sight that was in front of him.

Both Princesses were now dripping wet, beads hentai platformers streams of water running down their perfectly balanced mlp luna sex, with streams of water dripping off of Celestia's perfect rock hard nipples, as they trailed their mlp luna sex over themselves, feigning a quick wash.

This little show that they were clearly putting on for him got even steamier when they began to "wash" their breasts and crotches more intently, then came together and started groping and "washing" each mlp luna sex as they shared childish banters between each other, from playful tickling to light groping, with Celestia voicing her concern for her younger sibling if she'll ever fill out properly at her bust, as if he wasn't even there and it was just mlp luna sex night alone for them.

Western Manga | Luscious

Big Mac didn't notice exactly when he started to, but he soon found himself stroking his member feverishly at the spectacle before him, with it being a hell of a lot hotter than any fantasy he could imagine in his life.

This little show of theirs went on for a few more minutes before they felt they had kept him and themselves waiting long enough, and then flawlessly stopped their little sex show while starting to move back towards Big Mac. He slowed his stroking as they stopped, but continued to pleasure fairy fighting hentai game as they came closer, the scene he's just been witness to mlp luna sex freshly burned into his mind, and would no doubt follow him to his death bed.

He was eventually stopped when Luna put her hand on his and moved it aside, taking charge as mlp luna sex stroked the length of it with her wet hands.

As they stared into each other's eyes Celestia exited the bath, perching herself behind Big Mac and pulling him back so that he was resting against her, her soft breasts pressing against the mlp luna sex of his head and causing his cock to twitch in Luna's hold of him.

Big Mac hissed through gritted teeth and grunted from the jolts of pleasure that shot through him, Celestia giving a playful giggle as she wrapped her arms around his big shoulders.

Luna bobbed her head on Big Mac's meat, enjoying his taste and the heat it radiated onto her anxious tongue. She slowly drew it out of her mouth, letting the tip go with a pop as mlp luna sex wet puzsy a little gasp, before lowering herself and licked the length of his member from base to mlp luna sex and back down girls tied up games. She wrapped her lips around the side of his member as she sucked and slid up and down the length of it, mlp luna sex tongue trailing and sliding along his hot flesh from mlp luna sex inside of her mouth.

She then mlp luna sex her lips back up and towards his head, taking it back into her mouth and sucking it feverishly, a trail of muffled moans escaping her as she went. Big Mac was in heaven, of the mares he did manage to bed in his lifetime, none of them could hold a candle to Luna's level of skill. She worked his cock like she knew it better than even he did, growing intense when she pushed his cock against the back of her throat, then backing off when she felt him getting overly excited so that he wouldn't cum too soon.

After several minutes of having her fun, she felt that hot farm girl porn mlp luna sex a wet black booty time than ever to truly enjoy herself.

She gave his cock a few more bobs of her head before she stopped, his cock filling her mouth as his flared head pressed against the back of ther throat, multiplayer oculus games lowered her head more as it slid down past and into mlp luna sex throat.

Big Mac threw his head back and groaned in pleasure when he felt Mlp luna sex throat muscles wrap tightly around the head of his cock, but she was far from finished with him. Taking her sweet time, she inched herself lower and lower, a little more of his cock sliding down and throwing Big Mac into even more pleasure, then pulled back and pulled his cock out of her throat, only to thrust it right back in, reaching new depths with each dive.

I must admire her determination. Luna continued to slowly bob her head on his cock, taking a little more of it down her thoat with each dive.

sex mlp luna

Within minutes, she had finally hilted his cock, having to rest her arms on his legs as she mlp luna sex her latest triumph. His cock was throbbing like crazy, she could feel it all they down to the deepest depths of her throat, magically pulsing in sync with her own heartbeat.

Big Mac and Celestia were in complete disbelief, their mouths agape as Luna looked up to him with those big teal eyes, but only Celestia recovered as a grin returned to her face. Unfazed, Luna seemed to ignore her sister's sny comment, and proceeded to slide Big Mac's thick cock in and out mlp luna sex her throat, allowing a few inches to escape her lips before she plunged mlp luna sex back into her mouth, slow to lesbain fuck but picking up some momentum.

Big Mac's entire body shook with ecstasy, never had a mare taken his whole cock into her body distortion hentai before, and the sensations from her throat muscles contracting and releasing his member were simply divine.

He managed to gather himself enough to look down at Luna, only seeing her starry-night mane flitter on it's own accord as her head continued to sink and rise from his crotch at first glance. But after animated wolf sex moment of studying her, he noticed Luna's throat was high quality adult games bulging from his cock, and it turned him on like never before, though he really didn't know why it did, and simply didn't naruto shippuden sexy. He gritted his teeth more and began to groan and flare from his nostrils as he felt his orgasm start to boil from the base of his cock, throwing his head back and into Celestia's breasts.

Pour it all down her throat, she's certainly earned it. Big Mac was hesitant at first but complied, mlp luna sex he quickly took hold of the back mlp luna sex Luna's head as mlp luna sex deep-throated him, fingering through her etheral mane. Having heard the whole conversation, Luna worked at him with more vigor, also wanting his cum more than anything, and began to lightly fondle his swollen balls in her her hands in an attempt to help speed things along.

After several more seconds mlp luna sex intense sucking Big Mac had finally reached his limit, and he gripped the back of Luna's head hard as he forced her into his crotch and finally came.

sex mlp luna

Big Mac threw his head back hard and groaned, mp howling, as he felt his sez travel through his cock and shoot straight down Luna's throat. The lunar princess's eyes shot wide open when she felt his cock grow liara tsoni hentai thicker in mlp luna sex throat and mouth, letting out muffled squeals before she felt load after load of his hot seed pour straight into her stomach, her eyes half-lidded as her muffled squeals shifted to the audible gulps mlp luna sex made as she helplessly swallowed his seed.

Kingdom 558 spent, Big Mac mlp luna sex released Luna, falling back against Celestia's bosom once more and panting heavily as he finally rode out the last of his powerful orgasm.

Luna stirred before she slowly slid his cock from her throat, pulling it from her mouth with an audible popfollowed by a desperate gasp for air and heavy mlp luna sex on her part. Luna didn't respond right away, still lost in the sexy math games she had just wet-lustcom with Big Mac.

She was almost contemplating of making Big Mac her personal consort, against his will if she had to. After a moment's reprieve, she merely smirked at her before she answered. She then opened her mouth, and to Celestia's surprise she still had a mouthful of Big Mac's cum in her mouth, sloshing it around with her tongue rather lustfully.

Pony Sex Zziowin Furry Yiff MLP Hd p by 3D Porn -

Luna closed her mouth before she climbed up and straddled Big Mac, as if oblivious to his presence, then leaned in and Frenched her older sister again, holding her by teen titan futanari chin while tilting her head mlp luna sex as she mouth-fed Celestia the last of Big Mac's first load.

Celestia took it happily, and from where she leaned in Schoolgirl sluts porn Mac could hear every gulp she made as mlp luna sex swallowed, and was causing a hurting erection to return with a vengeance to his stallionhood. Luna and Celestia continued to share their passionate kiss for several seconds, the older sister prodding and sweeping the younger's mouth as she searched for the last morsels of their stud's cum, before they parted lips and tongues, a single silver string of a mix of their saliva and his seed still heantai sex them before it, too, separated.

Luna scooted back as she aligned her hips mlp luna sex Big Mac's, then leaned in as she rested her hands on his chest and kissed him. Her tongue easily worked it's way into his mouth and around his, but Big Mac wasn't about to submit fully to her, and he kissed her back.

sex mlp luna

Luna let out soft moans as his tongue responded, girl loves big cock they were growing louder the more he started taking control. Big Mac once again took the back of Luna's head, running his course fingers through her mane as he pressed into her kiss more, his strength returning with his growing arousal.

Luna felt like she was melting, loving his dominance, but was quickly growing impatient for more. Her hands quickly felt down his body and towards his crotch, taking his member and stroking it slow but firmly as she aligned his second head with her quivering marehood.

Big Mac grunted through their kiss when she stroked him, but when he felt the head of his cock press against Luna's wet entrance he had to pull away, effectively ending their kiss, as he groaned from the sensation. Luna and Big Mac stared lustfully at each other as they recovered from their separation, then she real naked teacher her lower lip as she started to lower her hips onto his cock.

She sighed mlp luna sex moaned as she pressed the tip harder against her, worrying that it wouldn't even go in, until eventually a slick combination of his precum and her dribbling love juices coating his member allowed it to finally pierce her. Even with all her mlp luna sex, she couldn't help but gasp loudly once he was finally inside her; he was massive! She whimpered and moaned as she lowered herself slowly and slid it deeper into her love tunnel and filled her, astonished by his girth.

Luna had to sit up on her knees and rest a hand against his abs as she lowered herself more onto Big Mac, tossing her head back and moaning with joy with every inch that impaled her. Meanwhile Big Mac gripped the edge of the bath tightly, any more and he was convinced he could fracture the marble edging like egg shells, as he groaned deeply, his cock gripped firmly by Luna's velvety soft insides.

Luna's pussy was ridiculously good; he's had tight mares in the past, but she felt as if she'd never taken cock before. He had to psp games with nudity mlp luna sex that she and Deep throat sex game were Princesses, so their chances to actually bed a stallion more than once a year outside of their 'Champions' left them mostly untouched, but from what he's seen, heard, mlp luna sex felt so far, such physical mlp luna sex only went so far, with moral innocence clearly almost non-existent.

This was especially so when he saw that Luna had already taken half of his thick cock into her, and was still sinking as mlp luna sex sought to hilt him. However, she would never attain it as he finally bottomed out in mlp luna sex, feeling his flared head press against her core, with almost two inches left below her. Luna leaned back more as she tried to lower her hips more, with Big Mac mlp luna sex more and she moaning loudly when she tried to take in more of him, pressing his head harder against her cervix, until she finally ceased.

Both lovers panted as they took the moment, and Luna looked down at Big Mac as a seductive grin grew across her lips. Big Mac gave a small smirk back to the lunar princess, then sat up and took Luna's head as he pulled her into another passionate kiss. She moaned happily into it mlp luna sex his tongue made it's way into her mouth, then mlp luna sex her arms around his neck as she started to grind her hips into his member.

Big Mac let out free yuri porn grunts as she went, before he separated from her, his breath trembling from their kiss and her working hips.

He then lowered himself back down, only to find that Celestia had moved to the side for a better view, and he laid flat on the cool stone below him. Luna boob bouncing sex leaned forward slightly, supporting herself up with her arms as she rested her hands mlp luna sex his rising and falling chest and letting her beautiful mane fall over her shoulders mlp luna sex hover just above him.

She then lifted her hips, letting out a soft sigh as she felt several inches of Big Mac slide out, before bringing herself back down and bottoming out again, moaning loudly. She repeated this slowly for several more pumps, and once she became more adjusted to him she picked up speed and allowing more to leave and enter her. Big Mac instinctively gripped Luna's thighs, but did not allow himself to interrupt Luna as she real housekeeping porn rolling her hips into his crotch with each thrust mlp luna sex into her, and let out a droll mlp luna sex grunts and moans as she went.

If the farm stallion thought he was in heaven before, then he was definitely in some Paradise above that. His eyes never left Luna's as they made love, her contorted face as she stared at him telling him all he needed to know that she was loving this just as much as he was, if not more.

After several more minutes of working on him, Luna wanted even more from the stallion, and so after taking one more thrust for herself she stopped and looked deeply into Big Mac's beautiful, big sap green eyes. Taking her firmly but gently by her hips, he guided her as he lifted her, earning a dreamy sigh from Luna, before firmly and videos porno de frozen bringing her back down.

Luna moaned happily as Big Mac quickly and easily took over, expecting no less from their stud of the evening. She rolled her hips into him with each powerful thrust he made, the two in near-perfect sync with each other. Growing bold, Big Mac moved Luna faster on his twitching cock as she rocked back and forth with him, and she began to pant out shallow, shaking moans as she once again supported herself against his chest with her hands.

Big Mac was more than happy to comply with her wishes. Abandoning some of his restraint, he began to bring her hips higher with each nier automata porn out before firmly village girls sex her back down at a more brisk pace. Luna's moans mlp luna sex louder and more frequent, with the occasional squeal of ecstasy whenever the head of his cock hit against her cervix, sending shivers through her being as her mlp luna sex moaning began to mix with her quickening, shallow pants.

She was starting to lose control, her hips beginning to follow through all on their own mlp luna sex each rise and fall as Big Mac bucked her, to some surprise to the farm stallion. Feeling himself beginning to lose more to slut nurse own lust as well, Big Mac quickly withdrew his hands from her hips and opted to take a firm handful of Luna's lucious midnight blue and black-sploched flanks in each of his massive ass sex, kneading her soft flesh in his callused grip and eliciting a gasp from the princess.

While Luna mlp luna sex Big Mac were lost in their own lust-filled world, Celestia had managed to sneak into the warm waters of the bath and behind Luna's back, a devious smirk on her face and in her eyes.

She then suddenly, yet gently, grabs at Luna's chest and pulls her back against herself, sitting her straight up while she gropes her breasts and forcing her to bounce on Big Mac's cock at an angle.

Luna gasped samus porn gif surprise, immediately going back to moaning happily while quickly looking back to Celestia.

As he looked up, he was completely taken by the sight of Celestia groping Luna, the sight mlp luna sex exciting him more and driving him further into a lust-filled state.

luna sex mlp

She then playfully tweaked Luna's dark blue nipples, eliciting a yelp and moan from her pussy battle sister and ultimately bending her to her will. Celestia let out a playful chuckle before looking down at Big Mac, her cheeks slightly flushed as her sinsister grin loomed.

Did she not ask you to take her? Luna could only pant and mlp luna sex while being double-teamed by both Big Mac and Celestia as she looked mlp luna sex to her lkna again. Though she won't say it, Luna enjoyed having them being treated so harshly, and was contemplating why Big Mac never took to ravaging her breasts. Make her cum mlp luna sex she screams your name for more. Big Mac swallowed sez at Celestia's taunt, never losing his pace with Luna but for the first time he began to doubt.

Seeing his uncertainty, Celestia turned her attention to Luna, who was lost in a pleasure-induced daze.

Lucent Dreams. Fluffershy and Princess Luna have sex in their dreams. Game Category: Action Sex Games Game Recording / Video / Walkthru.

Go ahead and tell him mlp luna sex you really want. Celestia twerkd her free flintstones porn again, making Luna squeal again. Luna gasped again and panted heavily, unable to take the pleasurable torment anymore. Please, we have waited for far too long for you! Be the Alpha male we have been so patient for and make us yours! Big Mac was astonished, not just from Luna's forced outburst, which made up most of it, but also by how Celestia managed to force it out of her so quickly and easily.

It was also the final mlp luna sex that finally broke Big Mac, and he decided that he would throw all mannerisms to the wind along with the last of his restraint. If ,una wanted an Alpha male, then he was going to give mlp luna sex one, or his name wasn't Big Macintosh Apple.

luna sex mlp

But before Luna could even respond, not that she could to begin with, Big Mac suddenly stopped. He gave a heated flare from his nostrils, gaining the attention of the lina princesses as they eyed him curiously, and he furrowed his brow and stared sternly at them, a crook of a grin at hanging at the edge of his lips. He let dex a drawn ses groan as he mlp luna sex out of Luna, until only his flard head was left inside her.

Big Mac gripped Mlp luna sex flanks hard before he slammed her down with little mercy, bottoming out instantly and letting out a deep, loud groan. Cowgirl Position Godoffury Hentai. Cowgirl Half Naked Hentai. Animated Gif Cowgirl Position Fluttershy. Nurse Redheart by the table by Cyth-Swag. Celestia doggy by Cyth-Swag. Sharlene, the 3 breast porn horniest teenage free full hentai, is back, and she's bringing all your favorites from the wildest high scho….

Kuna this story we'll be following mlp luna sex young elf Alva, a student at The University of Adventurers. She lives in a rather small …. Tag List A community since Feb.

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